About Us


In 2006 the Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux cooking team competed in its very first gumbo cook-off, winning the first time out. Since then, we have competed all over Texas and Louisiana, winning or placing each and every time, including the World Championship Gumbo cook-off in New Iberia, Louisiana. We have retired from the cook-off circuit, but not from making great Gumbo.


Our original motivation was to develop a gluten-free Gumbo mix that a friend with celiac disease could eat. It ended up being so good, we questioned whether or not to even promote it as gluten-free, but we did, and from there we developed an Etouffee mix and two gravy mixes that are, as well. We think you’re going to love our products, not just because they’re gluten-free, but because they taste good.


Susan married a Cajun boy who grew up eating his mamma’s cooking. Settling in Houston was a culture shock for him. Susan wanted him to feel at home, so early in their marriage, she began cooking Granny’s dishes. She learned the basics and then began to make them her own. Gumbo became a staple on New Year’s Eve, and soon afterward, her brother, Wes, joined Susan in forming the Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux cooking team. We’re certain that once you’ve tasted our products, you’re going to want some more.


WG Enterprises launched; first package of Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux mix sold!


Won the People’s Choice Award at Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival.


Placed at World Championship Gumbo Cook-off in New Iberia, Louisiana.


Won First Place at Medina Lake Cajun Festival


First cook-off for the Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux cooking team; took 3rd Place


Susan cooked her first pot of Gumbo

We work all the time with our customers and together we are able to create beautiful and amazing things that surely brings positive results and complete satisfaction.