Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux Mix

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With Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux Mix, you will end up with four servings of Gumbo, ready to serve in about 45 minutes.  But it will taste like you have been in the kitchen all day.  Just add your own chicken broth and your protein of choice.  Chicken and sausage is a popular choice, and so is seafood with shrimp, crab meat, and maybe even crawfish tail meat.  Or perhaps even a mélange of some other combination.  That is the beauty of making Gumbo!

Inside each package of Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux Mix are three smaller packs:  (1) with veggies, (1) with our unique, dry roux mix, and (1) with WG Seasoning.  We keep the seasoning separate so you can add as much or as little as you prefer to make your Gumbo as mild or as spicy as you like it.  Serve it over rice, riced cauliflower, Quinoa, or your grain of choice.  No one will know it’s gluten-free… unless you tell them.  It’s just that good!

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42 reviews for Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux Mix

  1. Deba center (verified owner)

    Made a few bowls in my life. I even lived in New Orleans. This is as close as it gets without the fuss! Great pot of gumbo! I’ll definitely be back for more!

    • Susan Armand (verified owner)

      Thank you for that wonderful review! Everything you said is exactly what we strive to do. We appreciate you!

  2. Mark E Vollmering (verified owner)

    Hello, I love gumbo and have been making it for years. It’s a long process. Not with this. Made this in an hour on Sunday night and it was great! Thank you!

    • Susan Armand (verified owner)

      Thank you for the great compliment! It means so much to us to hear from people that know how to make gumbo and compare what they know to our product. Pass us on to your friends and family!

  3. Patricia Arthur (verified owner)

    Can’t believe how good this is AND gluten-free! We added cooked onion, celery, and bell peppers to the pot since we wanted lots of veggies. Then followed the directions on package. I added half the spice mix into the pot and put the rest aside and invited my dear spouse to douse away since he likes super spicy 🌶 stuff. Excellent. I just ordered 4 more packages.

    • Susan Armand (verified owner)

      We are so very happy you liked the gumbo and that you ordered more! Please take a picture of your next pot/bowl and send us an email so we can add it to our website and social media. Pass the word!!

  4. Scott Villarreal-Dowlearn

    As someone who started cooking gumbo in his grandaddies kitchen at the at of 5, I cannot believe how good this is. It’s unfair to all of us who has felt like our arm was gonna fall off as beads of sweat rolled down our faces as we babysat our roux. Now I’m not saying it’s better than my gumbo but it is a solid second place and if I’m honest I believe I’ll be using Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux as my go to except on those rare special occasions.
    I can’t wrap my mind around how an authentic gumbo came out of that little package.

    • Susan Armand

      Thank you Scott! As a fellow gumbo chef, we really appreciate your opinion about the gumbo. Those who really understand the love that goes into making it from scratch will appreciate our mix for it’s ease and taste, and your feedback puts a smile on our faces.

  5. Kathy T.

    I thought it was all great!

    • Susan Armand

      Thank you Kathy! Please try our other products, too!

  6. Robert P.

    Could use this for any quick meal.

    • Susan Armand

      Thank you Robert! All of our mixes are just as easy. Hope you try them all!

  7. Gay H.

    It was great! Super easy and simple!

    • Susan Armand

      Thank you Gay! Try our other products for more easy, simple meals.

  8. Kelly C.

    Overall was delicious, didn’t upset my stomach like regular kits do . I like heat so it could have used some more spice but that’s just me lol

    • Susan Armand

      Thank you Kelly! Please try our other products too. And don’t forget to use WG Seasoning to kick it up without adding too much extra salt.

  9. Cathy B.

    Over all a great dish and easy to prepare

    • Susan Armand

      Thank you Cathy! Please try our other products too and let us know your thoughts.

  10. Maya G.

    It was fantastic!

    • Susan Armand

      Thank you Maya! We hope you try our other products too!

  11. Harry P.

    I liked it and could probably give detailed description if I wasn’t giving my review while eating it.

    • Susan Armand

      Thank you Harry! Come back and buy some more so you can concentrate on only the gumbo. 😀

  12. Tara J.

    Very good flavor.

    • Susan Armand

      Thank you Tara! We hope you try and enjoy our other products too.

  13. Sally S.

    My husband loves cajun food. He could not tell it was gluten free.

    • Susan Armand

      Thank you Sally! Please try our other products too and don’t tell your husband they are also GF. 🙂

  14. Shannon L.

    Very flavorful, perfect level of spice, all around great gumbo! My husband is usually skeptical of gluten free foods, so I made this for him without telling him it was gluten free. After he ate it and said how delicious it was, I told him it was gluten free and he was shocked! The product was great, and I would definitely buy it to have again. Easy to make without sacrificing flavor. I wish it would come in bigger packs too so I could make a larger serving. Overall delicious product.

    • Susan Armand

      Thank you Shannon! One of our biggest accomplishments is making our products so delicious no one can tell it is gluten free. I think you just confirmed that! Please try our other products too and let us know your opinion.

  15. Julianna M.

    So full of flavor! Absolutely amazing depth of flavor from such a small package! My husband and I were both really satisfied and it hit the spot. Easy to make! I’d possibly include vegetarian suggestions to the label also near the proteins area but next time I’m adding ALL the proteins plus veggies! The flavor is so great that it can really stand up to adding more to it I think.

    It was absolutely delicious! We went mild cuz of the little one but absolutely amazing depth of flavor. The separate packet to control that spice level is genius! Most things like this are ok but not delicious and I would serve this to guests without hesitation!! And it was easy and fast to make!