It’s Gumbo Weather!

Some die-hards believe Gumbo is a cold weather dish, though no one can offer up a rational reason as to why that is.  Do you only eat eggs for breakfast?  Is turkey only consumed at Thanksgiving?  Are cheese enchiladas and nachos only wolfed down when there is a chill in the air?  No, they’re not.  So, I ask you:  Why is Gumbo discriminated against?

The Great Debate

The great debate rages on annually in Louisiana, Texas, and across the country over how cold it needs to before you can make Gumbo.  Some Cajuns say the temperature must drop below 60o before the first Gumbo of the year can be cooked.  Others say football season has to have begun.

Some people say it doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is outside.  Gumbo is good anytime.  When you’re hungry for it, it’s always Gumbo weather.

Dispelling The Myth

Made from scratch Gumbo is an investment in time.  Because it simmers on the stove for hours, it was perhaps a means to keep the kitchen and the chef warm when the Mercury dropped, and the north wind was blowing outside.  But that was in the past.  A relic of a bygone era.

In today’s modern world, and its proliferation of air conditioners, there’s just no reason not to cook whatever you want, whenever you want.  Crank the A/C down if you must, but don’t perpetuate the myth.  It’s your choice… dare I say, your right… to eat Gumbo all year long.

Year-Round Comfort Food

A classic comfort food, Gumbo is a taste of home for many of us.  For others, it’s simply a big, heaping bowl of feel good.  But whether it is loaded with chicken and smoked sausage or overflowing with seafood from the coast and the bayou, it’s a reminder of the crackling of Granny’s fireplace on a cold January evening, or a cooling, late afternoon breeze on the front porch in August.

Regardless of the weather and how much we complain about it, the priceless memories from our past, and the hopes for even better times to come, spur us on to make the most of the present.  So, no matter the temperature outside, be it icy cold or blistering hot, the weather is always perfect for Gumbo!

Summing things up:

Should you silently stand idly by, depriving yourself of what you love, simply because someone else boisterously offers their opinion of the way things should be?  We emphatically say, “No!  Stand up and be free.  Don’t bow to conformity or yield to the misguided and misinformed ignorance of others.

Eat Gumbo whenever you want!

Any time is Gumbo time, according to award-winning Cajun author Cherie Claire.  Beryl Stokes of says, “Truth be told, we don’t need autumn’s chill or winter’s cold to cook up a Gumbo.  We enjoy it year-round.”  And so should you.

Good Gumbo… and love… cures everything!  A fact that’s as true in June and July as it is in November, December, and January.

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