Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux Mix – Family Size


With Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux Family Size Mix, you will end up with eight servings of Gumbo, ready to serve in about 45 minutes.  But it will taste like you have been in the kitchen all day.  Just add your own chicken broth and your protein of choice.  Chicken and sausage is a popular choice, and so is seafood with shrimp, crab meat, and maybe even crawfish tail meat.  Or perhaps even a mélange of some other combination.  That is the beauty of making Gumbo!

Inside each package of Wantsumeaux Gumbeaux Family Size Mix are four smaller packs:  (1) with veggies, (1) with our unique, dry roux mix, and (2) with WG Seasoning.  We keep the seasoning separate so you can add one pack for a mild dish, or throw in both for a spicier Gumbo, whichever you prefer.  Serve it over rice, riced cauliflower, Quinoa, or your grain of choice for a meal your family will ask for over and over.  And no one will know it’s gluten-free… unless you tell them.  It’s just that good!

Also available in Regular Size


Additional information

Weight 0.51 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6.438 × 1.25 in


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